our approach

People talk to oral historians because we listen and that begins with you. We want to know about you and your organization. Why do you want to tell your story? Who needs to hear it? And why? With that, we work with you to spell out clear goals and to develop a scope of work that suits those goals, your schedule, and your budget. We're collaborative by nature and keep in close touch so you always know what's going on. We're also independent, which means we're low maintenance for you.

LV Communications offers an array of services, all related to gathering, making sense of, and sharing your story. Leyla Vural puts together and leads the team that's best for each project. Our partners include interviewers, photographers, graphic designers, audio editors, videographers, transcribers, printers, web developers, and communications strategists.

our services

  • oral histories for advocacy

People speak best for themselves. There's nothing like life stories to turn an abstract issue into a human concern. We interview the people who have the kind of knowledge about an issue that only comes from lived experience. And we present their stories in ways that help a campaign for change achieve its goals.

  • organizational history

Do you want people to know about your organization's work? Its roots? Its mission? Who better to tell your organization's story than the people founders, current leaders, staff, members, community allies who are living it? Maybe you have an important anniversary coming up or insights from an advocacy campaign that can help inform activists in other organizations. We're all a part of history. Why not put your organization's on the record?

  • workshops

Interviews can help people get to know one another and find common cause. They can help people develop an agenda for change and make that change happen. Together we'll develop a program that prepares the members of your organization with the tools to start listening to one another in new ways and to turn stories into action.

  • Ethical wills

Leave your loved ones more than your stuff; leave them your life story and the ideas and values you hold most dear. We'll record your story so you can share it with the people who matter to you through audio, video, the transcript of your interview, maybe even a written manifesto.

  • autobiographies

We can help you get your life history out of your head and onto the page. We'll interview you as many times as it takes for you to tell your story. We'll transcribe the interviews. And we'll edit to make your story sing.

  • everything else

Whatever you need to get your story and ideas into the world, we've got it: writing of every kind, editing, photography, art direction, print production, audio, video, project management. We've got an ear for the story, and an eye for it as well. We bring words and images together in the formats that work best for your purposes.

Photo: Rosalee Grable waiting to visit Hart Island, New York City's potter's field, where her mother is buried. From "Paying Respects," an oral history project about Hart Island by Leyla Vural.